The Crucible

The Crucible, also known as the Arbiter's Chamber,[1] is the very peak of Oribos, where the Arbiter herself judges the endless stream of souls.[50, 50] Surrounding this sacred place are gateways to the infinite realms of the Shadowlands. When each soul was judged by the Arbiter, a gateway would be opened to that soul's appropriate afterlife.[1] It is the traditional gathering place for the Eternal Ones that rule the Shadowlands.[2][3]

Players do not generally have access to this area and only visit it during specific quests: N [50] Audience with the Arbiter at the beginning of the Shadowlands campaign, N [60] The Looming Dark at the end of the level-up chapters, and N [60] A Gathering of Covenants at the beginning of the Chains of Domination campaign.

The final phase of the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter in the Sanctum of Domination raid takes place in the Crucible. After players and their allies fight Sylvanas at the Pinnacle of Domination, the Jailer creates chains connecting the Sanctum to Oribos. The group pursues him across the Edge of the Abyss until Jaina is able to teleport them to the Crucible, where the Jailer tries to break through the Arbiter's defenses. While Jaina, Thrall, and Bolvar fight the dominated Anduin Wrynn on the central platform, the players battle Sylvanas on four of the surrounding covenant pillars, which expand in size to give the combatants more room. The Crucible also engages an Invigorating Field, a "defensive configuration"[4] that allows players to jump from pillar to pillar by running up to the edges, which becomes a necessity as Sylvanas gradually desecrates each one and makes it impossible to stay on them. The encounter ends with the Jailer absorbing the Arbiter's sigil and escaping with Anduin, with the unconscious Sylvanas (and her loot) being left behind with the players and their allies.


  • Although five large pillars float around the Crucible, only four are used by the covenant leaders during N [60] The Looming Dark and N [60] Voices of the Eternal. The fifth—which is located directly opposite of the Arbiter and has a noticeably damaged appearance—apparently belonged to Zovaal before his banishment, as shown by the covenant leaders directing their gazes at it while discussing him in N [60] Voices of the Eternal and by him standing on it while attacking the Arbiter during the Sylvanas encounter.
  • Invisible walls surround the Crucible's central platform, preventing players from jumping off it.


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