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For other uses, see Crusade (disambiguation).
Ability paladin sanctifiedwrath.png
  • Crusade
  • Level 50 Retribution paladin talent
  • 2 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Call upon the Light and begin a crusade, increasing your damage done and haste by 3% for 25 sec.

    Each Holy Power spent during Crusade increases damage done and haste by an additional 3%.

    Maximum 10 stacks.

    Replaces [Avenging Wrath].
Usable by
Class Paladin
School Holy
Cooldown 2 minutes
Other information
Level learned 50
Affects [Avenging Wrath]
Related buff
Ability paladin sanctifiedwrath.png
  • Crusade
  • Damage and haste increased by 2.5%.
  • Duration: 20 seconds

Crusade is a level 50 Retribution paladin talent.

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