Crusader's Scaled Battlegear

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Crusader's Scaled Battlegear is the battlegear damage paladin set.


shortcut iconSee also: Crusader's Ornamented Battlegear for the healing version of this set.


Each piece can be purchased from various faction vendors upon reaching honored reputation.

Piece Faction Price
[Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets] Thrallmar / Honor Hold 15g 99s 1c
[Crusader's Scaled Helm] Keepers of Time 23g 88s 87c
[Crusader's Scaled Legguards] Cenarion Expedition 32g 2s 63c
[Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece] Lower City 31g 68s 46c
[Crusader's Scaled Shoulders] Sha'tar 24g 5s 70c



Crusader's Scaled Battlegear

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