NeutralCrusader Forward Camp
Start Crusader Lord Lantinga
End Crusader MacKellar
Level 20-30
Category Zul'Drak
Experience 5250
Reputation +25 Argent Crusade
Previous  [Orders From Drakuru]
Next N [20-30] That's What Friends Are For..., N [20-30] Making Something Out Of Nothing

Crusader Forward Camp is offered by Lantinga after completing N [20-30] Orders From Drakuru, sending players off to the forward camp at the same time he sends players off to Ebon Watch in N [20-30] The Ebon Watch.


Seek out Crusader MacKellar at the Crusader Forward Camp in Zul'Drak.


Crusader Dargath, Crusader MacKellar, Engineer Reed and the twins, Gerk and Burr, were sent to the Dead Fields to establish a battle front days ago. As of my last correspondence with them, they had successfully established a camp on the border of the Dead Fields, northwest of here.

In light of this newfound information about Drakuru and Prince Navarius I think it would be prudent to send someone to the Crusader Forward Camp post-haste.

Pack up your belongings, <name>. You must leave at once!


Everything was fine until the Scourge attacked. They took off with Dargath, Gerk and Burr and they also destroyed our ride. Guess who led that attack?

<MacKellar nods.>


Seems this whole area is some type of factory for Scourge. We're in the middle of a damned undead mine field!


The Crusader Forward Camp is just north of the east-west road between Crystalsong Forest and the Argent Stand, due north of Zeramas and just to the east of the little road split heading northwest to Thrym's End.

Completing this quest opens up Gymer's quests, starting with N [20-30] A Great Storm Approaches.

Coordinates for the camp are [25.3, 63.9]


  1. N [20-30] Crusader Forward Camp
  2. N [20-30] That's What Friends Are For...
  3. N [20-30] Light Won't Grant Me Vengeance

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