HordeCrushblow Peon
Image of Crushblow Peon
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 50
Reaction Horde
Occupation Peon
Location Peon Hideout and Crushblow, Twilight Highlands
Status Alive

Crushblow Peons are rebellious orc peons encountered in the Twilight Highlands during the vulpera recruitment questline. They are first seen in the Peon Hideout, listening to a speech by Foreman Magrok. When asked why they're refusing to work on a Crushblow outpost, they state that it's due to not being treated with respect and due to having to work with broken tools.[1] To appease the peons and get them back to work, Kiro and a Horde adventurer begin preparing a feast in their honor,[2] repair their tools,[3] and promote some of them to Crushblow Peon, Rank 2, Senior Crushblow Peon, and Lead Crushblow Peon to help build confidence.[4] Magrok and the peons are then invited to the feast in Crushblow,[5] after which Kiro notes that the peons look happy and ready to get back to work the next morning.[6]

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