Cry For The Moon

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AllianceCry For The Moon
Start Oliver Harris [18.3, 57.7]
End Oliver Harris [18.3, 57.7]
Level 24 (Requires 21)
Category Duskwood
Experience 1,950
Reputation 250 Gilneas
Previous A [24] A Curse We Cannot Lift
Next A [24] The Fate of Morbent Fel


Watch Oliver Harris and Jitters attempt to cure the Lurking Worgen.

  • Worgen cured


I'm hopeful, but let's remain professional. It's business as usual for this one.

Into the guillotine he goes... and if the alchemy doesn't take, he won't be getting back out of it.

Jitters and I will attend to this. Please, just stand back and watch from a safe distance.


Success... Finally! I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to work the cure myself.

Our new friend may be in need of some help as well. You might want to speak with him.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv staff 05.png [Consecrated Scepter] Inv bracer 03.png [Moon Shriek Bracers]
Inv shield 05.png [Shield of Darkshire]

You will also receive: 8s


After accepting the quest, the following event is triggered, revealing that the Lurking Worgen is Sven Yorgen:

Oliver Harris says: Here we go...
Oliver Harris says: It's working. Hold him still, Jitters.
Jitters says: I... I can't...
Lurking Worgen says: Jitters...
Oliver Harris says: Damn it, Jitters, I said HOLD!
Lurking Worgen yells: JITTERS!
Lurking Worgen says: I remember now... it's all your fault!
Lurking Worgen says: You brought the worgen to Duskwood! You led the Dark Riders to my farm, and hid while they murdered my family!
Lurking Worgen yells: Every speck of suffering in my life is YOUR PATHETIC FAULT! I SHOULD KILL YOU!
Oliver Harris says: Letting him go is the only thing that's going to separate you from the beasts now, my friend.
Sven Yorgen says: You've got a lot to make up for, Jitters. I won't give you the easy way out.


  1. A [24] Part of the Pack
  2. A [24] The Yorgen Worgen & A [24] A Deadly Vine
  3. A [24] Delivery to Master Harris
  4. A [24] A Curse We Cannot Lift
  5. A [24] Cry For The Moon

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