NeutralCry Havoc and Let Slip the Illidari!
Start Kayn Sunfury
End Kayn Sunfury
Level 8-45
Category Demon hunter
Experience 1,150
Rewards 14s 70c
Previous N Demon hunter [99] Fel Secrets
Next N Demon hunter [99] On Felbat Wings


Teach the Havoc specialization to your assembled demon hunters.


This is why the Legion fears us. We have the ability to turn their secrets against them and in so doing become stronger than they ever can be.


You will receive:

  • 14s 70c
  • 1,150 XP


We await your instruction, <name>.


I blame myself, <name>. Mannethrel was already struggling. It is a never-ending battle we all must endure... to control the fel energies that we have taken in.

Maybe it would be best if you held off teaching the others for now. We can not afford to lose anyone else.


On accept
Kayn Sunfury says: Teach us what you have learned, <name>.
Gossip Allari, these are the secrets I've uncovered.
Allari the Soul Eater says: The demonic energy... I feel deadlier.
Gossip Listen closely, Cyana. This is what I learned from the Tome of Fel Secrets.
Cyana Nightglaive says: More... I want more power!
Gossip Kayn, I will teach you what I've learned of the demonic mysteries.
Kayn Sunfury says: I can feel it coursing through my veins. Altering my body.
Gossip Are you ready to learn the Legion's secrets, Kor'vas?
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: I could destroy the Legion on my own!
Gossip Mannethrel, prepare yourself. I am going to fill you with the power of the Legion's secrets.
Mannethrel Darkstar says: <Name>, wait... I can't contain the power.
Mannethrel Darkstar yells: Aaaaggggghhhhh!
Mannethrel explodes from the fel energy.
Kayn Sunfury says: No... Mannethrel.



  1. N Demon hunter [98] The Invasion Begins
  2. N Demon hunter [98] Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Demon hunter [98] Meeting With the Queen
  5. Complete both:
  6. N Demon hunter [99] Orders for Your Captains
  7. N Demon hunter [99] Give Me Sight Beyond Sight
  8. N Demon hunter [99] Hidden No More
  9. Complete all of:
    1. N Demon hunter [99] Into the Foul Creche
    2. N Demon hunter [99] The Imp Mother's Tome
    3. N Demon hunter [99] Fel Secrets
    4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Illidari! -or- N Demon hunter [99] Vengeance Will Be Mine!
  10. N Demon hunter [99] On Felbat Wings
  11. N Demon hunter [99] The Keystone
  12. N Demon hunter [99] Return to the Black Temple

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