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For the Warcraft III unit, see Crypt Fiend (Warcraft III). For the Battle for Mount Hyjal mob, see Crypt Fiend (Hyjal Summit).
Crypt fiend
Crypt Keeper HS
Faction/Affiliation Scourge
Character classes Webspinner, Worker, Warrior
Racial capital Azjol-Nerub
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Nerubian

Crypt fiends are undead nerubians. These large, mummified creatures appear to be a genetic cross between humans and spiders. Their lower bodies are supported by six spindly arachnid limbs and their heavily bandaged torsos are human in form.[1] Crypt fiends can be found most notably in Northrend, but also in the Ghostlands, Eastern Plaguelands, Stratholme, and Scholomance. There is also a crypt fiend in Razorfen Downs and another one in the Blackrock Depths.


The cunning crypt fiends were once the lords of the ancient spider kingdom of Azjol-Nerub that spanned the entirety of Northrend in ancient times. However, the crypt fiends' power base was destroyed by the Lich King, Ner'zhul, when he and his undead Scourge took control of the frozen continent. The nerubians that had fallen in the war were resurrected as slaves for the Lich King's army. These reanimated insectoids became known as the crypt fiends because they still wear the tattered remains of the linens in which their corpses were mummified. These aberrant creatures are capable of summoning swarms of vile insects and projecting web-like strands to incapacitate and harm their enemies.[1]

The crypt fiends appear in many places around Northrend, fighting for the Scourge. Crypt fiends also appear scattered throughout the Ghostlands and the Plaguelands, defending territory claimed by the Scourge. Weaker crypt fiends called Nerubis Guards can be found at the destroyed village of Suncrown Village. There is a bounty on their leader, Anok'suten. The Scourge's stronger crypt fiends defend Deatholme.


Name Role Status Location
Mob IconSmall CryptFiend Anok'suten Leader of the undead nerubians at Suncrown Village Killable Suncrown Village, Ghostlands
Boss IconSmall CryptFiend Anub'shiah Ring of Law gladiator Killable Ring of the Law, Blackrock Depths
Boss IconSmall CryptFiend Nerub'enkan Guardian of a ziggurat in Stratholme Killable Gauntlet, Stratholme Service Entrance
Mob IconSmall CryptFiend Nerubian Overseer Overseer Killable Terrorweb Tunnel, Eastern Plaguelands
Mob IconSmall CryptFiend High Priest Talet-Kha One of three high priests in the Temple City of En'kilah Killable Spire of Pain, Borean Tundra
Boss IconSmall CryptFiend Tuten'kash One of the Scourge's deadliest crypt fiend commanders Deceased Formerly Caller's Chamber, Razorfen Downs
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