Crypt of the Forgotten

Seal of the Forgotten, the entrance to the crypt

The Crypt of the Forgotten is located in northeastern Revendreth, just north of Absolution Crypt. The crypt is part of the Catacombs Ward and is watched over by Sinkeeper Mourana, who was appointed there by The Curator to replace Sinkeeper Mateo.[1] As a result the Catacombs Ward's fall to general chaos, the crypt's grounds are in heavy disrepair, littered with debris, ruined golems, and forgotten emotions. Crypt keepers and groundskeepers are working to restore the area to its former glory.[2]

The crypt itself is sealed with the Seal of the Forgotten, keeping souls locked inside as part of their journey to redemption. These souls can be beckoned from the crypt with a Bell of Remembrance in order to decide their fate. If a soul has become more humble, it can move on in the process; if not, it's sent back to spend more time inside the crypt.[3]

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