NeutralCryptkeeper Kassir
Image of Cryptkeeper Kassir
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Avowed
Ember Court
Venthyr Covenant
Location Halls of Atonement, Revendreth

Cryptkeeper Kassir is a venthyr located at the Halls of Atonement in Revendreth. He works with the Avowed to help in the atonment of Revendreth's souls. He is also the keeper of the stoneborn fiend, Temel the Sin Herald.

During the N [60WQ] Venthyr Assault on the Maw, he commands the Sinfall Bombers, stone fiends which drop anima bombs made by the night fae on the Mawsworn forces of the Tremaculum.

Stubborn and principled, Cryptkeeper Kassir will always fight for what he believes in.



Upon approach if part of the Venthyr Covenant
Cryptkeeper Kassir says: Who goes there? Show yourself!
Upon approach after reaching Best Friend status if part of the Venthyr Covenant
Cryptkeeper Kassir says: <name>! What a wonderful surprise it is to see you!


I attempt not to judge those who serve the Master.
I was sent to Revendreth because I also failed to acknowledge truth that was right in front of me.
It is never too late to make the right choice.
After reaching Best Friend status if part of the Venthyr Covenant
Ah, my dear old friend. I was hoping you would drop by soon.
It has felt like an eternity since our last Ember Court together. I trust that all is well in Sinfall under your watchful gaze?
The Avowed and I have made great progress in saving the lost souls here, thanks to your help.
You are a good friend, <name>. And more importantly, a good person.
Or at least very good at pretending to be one!
<Cryptkeeper Kassir laughs.>
But I doubt you came to hear my old jokes.
What brings you to my corner of Revendreth today, old friend?
During the N [60WQ] Venthyr Assault
I was honored to receive Prince Renathal's request to reinforce his assault into the Maw. Though Temel prefers a different title nowadays...
Crypkeeper Kassir gives Temel an annoyed look.
I suppose he is still able to contribute as "the party herald" even if it's unconventional. However, our enemies have many sins that could be exploited by a good sin herald like Temel.


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  • His voice actor is Simon Templeman, who voice the vampire Kain in the video game Legacy of Kain.
  • The character is likely inspired by The Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt, which was originally a comic adapted to both a movie and TV show.

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