Crystal Eyes

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NeutralCrystal Eyes
Start Lessah Moonwater
End Lessah Moonwater
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Archaeology
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Archaeology [110] A New Lead
Next N Archaeology [110] Drogbar Deception


Interact with the five[sic] different resonating stones in Highmountain. Each stone requires 3 Highmountain Ritual-Stones to activate.


I've delved into the caves here and have discovered many ancient writings.

The most interesting I've found are resonating crystals, where the drogbar have resided. Unfortunately, they aren't on very good terms with the tauren here and this has hindered my research.

I thought, should there be any trouble with the drogbar, that you'd be able to handle them.

I'd like you to continue my research and discover what you can about Huln.


You will receive: 19g 40s


<Lessah listens to your recounting of the stories you discovered.>

If what you've said is true then that means that the piece I'm looking for is the necklace that Huln once wore.



You have two choices here. You can either purchase the 6  [Highmountain Ritual-Stone] needed from the Auction House, or farm them by surveying Highmountain dig sites.

The Rockcrawler Chasm Crystal is located on the main level inside Rockcrawler Chasm. If you enter the cavern from the Bloodhunt Highland side, the crystal will be on your right.

Mucksnout Den Crystal is located on the main level inside Mucksnout Den. It will be on your left if you enter the den from Pinerock Basin.


If you don't have the three necessary:

The crystal has three empty slots carved into it. You don't quite have enough keystones to activate it.

If you do have enough:

The crystal has three empty slots carved into it.
Gossip Place the three Highmountain Ritual-Stones into the crystal.
This will remove 3  [Highmountain Ritual-Stone] from your inventory. Are you sure?
As you place the keystones into the crystal, it begins to hum with energy.


  1. N Archaeology [110] A New Lead
  2. N Archaeology [110] Crystal Eyes
  3. N Archaeology [110] Drogbar Deception

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