The entrance to the Curator's Crypt

The mirror, repaired

The Curator's Crypt is a crypt located within the Catacombs of Regret along the path leading up toward the Old Gate, named after the Curator.

The interior of the Curator's Crypt is normally accessed by way of a cursed mirror. However, before Denathrius cast her into the Maw, the Curator hid her Medallion of Avarice within the crypt, then cleaved the mirror in two.[1] She entrusted one of the mirror's shards to Watcher Emil[2] and the other to Sinkeeper Mateo.[3]

In order to retrieve the medallion after her return from the Maw, the Curator tasked the Maw Walker with collecting the two shards, as well as some death lotus powder to bypass the mirror's curse.[4]


  • Confined Repenters


  • The interior can only be accessed by the player during N [60] Mirror, Mirror.... Afterward, running into the mirror has no effect; you simply pass through it and hit the wall behind it.

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