Currency tab

The Currency tab of the character info window (a.k.a. character sheet, character window) shows a list of how many of some currencies and tokens including Honor points and Arena points the character owns. Currencies and tokens will be separated into different section by types.



Dungeon and Raid


Player vs. Player

Battle for Azeroth


Warlords of Draenor

Mists of Pandaria


Wrath of the Lich King

Burning Crusade


  • The currency tab is unavailable and not visible until the first currency of any kind is obtained.
  • The currency tab appears to be the successor to the PvP tab; this is still the primary place the PvP points are shown. Many other currencies were removed from inventory and are now represented on the currency tab. Money is now shown here as well.
  • The bottom margin of the main bag window is still functional and by default shows the amount of money a character has. Any currency in the currency tab can be selected to be tracked and displayed in the bottom margin of the main bag window, replacing the money display. (Money can be reselected as the tracked currency.)
  • Currencies can be flagged as unused; this will place them in an inactive section following the active currencies. This is useful for currencies that are listed that you do not have, cannot yet obtain, or don't see yourself collecting it again. The section will only exist if at least one currency is flagged as unused.
  • Prior to patch 3.0.2, money was tracked on the bottom margin of the main bag window, and Honor points and Arena points were tracked on the PvP tab of the character sheet. Other currencies were represented by items carried in the inventory.
  • You may see references to a Token tab; this appears to be what it was called in the WotLK beta.


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