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Curse of Tongues, a warlock curse.

Curse is a dispel type that is inflicted by various bosses, mobs, and most commonly by warlocks and shamans. Curses only exist as debuffs, not as buffs. The border around a Curse type effect's icon in a player or mob's debuff bar is purple.

Warlocks have a range of Curses and Banes, all of which are of the Curse dispel type. While Curses tend to weaken the target, reducing their stats or slowing their actions, Banes deal damage (directly or indirectly) as well as sometimes providing additional effects. Shamans have the Curse [Hex]. Troll Priests used to have a Curse ( [Hex of Weakness]) before patch 3.0.

List of Curse-removing abilities

Curses are dispellable with the following abilities:

[Remove Curse]
[Remove Corruption]
[Cleanse Spirit]
[Purify Spirit]
Dwarf racial
 [Purification Potion]