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Warlock Curse spells are warlock debuffs that afflict the target with negative effects.

Curses can be dispelled by druids, mages and shamans.

Available Curses


Banes are curses that are only available as PvP talents. Banes are not exclusive with each other or other curses.

Ability Reqs Duration Description
Bane of Fragility Level 25 15 sec Reduces the target's maximum health by up to 10% for 15 sec. 45 sec cooldown.
[Bane of Havoc] Level 35
10 sec Curses the ground with a demonic bane, causing all of your single target spells to also strike targets marked with the bane. Lasts 10 sec. Replaces Havoc. 45 sec cooldown.
Bane of Shadows Level 20
10 sec Magical damage over time effects will strike the target an additional time for 20% of their damage as Shadow. Lasts 10 sec. 30 sec cooldown.

Exclusive Curses

Exclusive curses do not stack with each other. A warlock may only use one exclusive curse per target at a time. These curses stack with both banes and specialization curses, and are available to all Warlock specializations.

Ability Reqs Duration Description
[Curse of Exhaustion] Level 12 8 sec Reduces the target's movement speed by 50% for 8 sec.
[Curse of Tongues] Level 34 30 sec Forces the target to speak in Demonic, increasing the casting time of all spells by 30% for 30 sec.
[Curse of Weakness] Level 6 2 min Increases the time between an enemy's attacks by 20% for 2 min.


Ability Reqs Duration Description
[Agony] Level 10
18 sec Inflicts increasing agony on the target, causing Shadow damage over 18 sec. Damage starts low and increases over the duration. Refreshing Agony maintains its current damage level.
[Doom] Level 25 Talent
20 sec Inflicts impending doom upon the target, causing Shadow damage after 20 sec.
[Havoc] Level 27
10 sec Marks a target with Havoc for 10 sec, causing your single target spells to also strike the Havoc victim for 60% of normal initial damage. 30 sec cooldown.

Removed Curses

Ability Description Removed
[Curse of Enfeeblement] Binds the target in demonic energy, reducing physical damage by 10% and increasing the casting time of all spells by 50% (10% on player targets) for 30 sec. Less effective on dungeon and raid bosses. Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2
[Curse of the Elements] Curses the target for 5 min, reducing Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature, and Shadow resistances by X and increasing magic damage taken by 8%. Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2
[Curse of Shadow] Curses the target for 5 min, reducing Shadow and Arcane resistances by X and increasing Shadow and Arcane damage taken by Y%. (Rolled into [Curse of the Elements]) Bc icon.gif Patch 2.4.3
[Curse of Recklessness] Curses the target with recklessness, increasing melee attack power by X but reducing armor by Y for 2 min. Cursed enemies will not flee. Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0


  • Several former Curse spells were turned into Banes in patch 4.0.1. One Curse and one Bane could be active on any one target at a time (per warlock). This change allowed warlocks to use both a damaging curse and a utility curse on one target (such as [Bane of Doom] and [Curse of the Elements]), rather than having to choose between the two. Banes were retired in Patch 5.0.4, and re-introduced as naming for PvP talents in Patch 9.0.1.