The Cursed Landing.

The Cursed Landing is a harbor located on the waters of eastern Uldum.[84, 50] It was here that a gnomish expedition made landfall and began searching the area, and also started digging into tombs, even though they had been warned by the sun priests of Nahom not to. This is one of many places the cursed gnomes are found after they dug too deep into a cursed vault. Several gnomish submarines are still here. It's unknown what the name of this area was, prior to the gnomes arrival.

The Trail of Devastation, caused by the M.A.C. Diver, starts here and leads to the Tomb of the Sun King.

Cursed Landing dig site

More than half of the area makes up a tol'vir archaeology dig site.


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The Cursed Landing is adjacent to Land's End Beach in Tanaris, where goblins went mad. The source of the madness was probably the same given their proximity.

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