Cut-Throat Alley

Cut-Throat Alley is a currently unpopulated alley of the city of Stormwind. The alley is technically located in the Dwarven District; however, it does not share the smoggy ambiance of the District.

Cut-Throat Alley can only be reached on foot by passing through a shop called the Shady Lady, on the Dwarven side of the Canals just south of the footbridge from Cathedral Square; its coordinates are [64, 46]. The alley's only features are a number of crates and barrels, and the only accessible buildings from it are that shop and an empty two-story, one-bedroom residence. It does not connect to the rest of the Dwarven District.


  • The alley itself (as well as the Shady Lady) now simply uses "Dwarven District" as its minimap label. Only inside the unoccupied residence is "Cut-Throat Alley" revealed as the location.


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This may have been intended as the similarly-unused Alliance counterpart to the Ring of Valor's unused Player vs. All arena.