Cut to the Chase
Ability rogue cuttothechase.png
  • Cut to the Chase
  • Level 56 Assassination rogue ability
  • Passive
  • Envenom extends the duration of Slice and Dice by up to 3 sec per combo point spent.
Usable by
Class Rogue
Other information
Level learned 56
Affects [Envenom], [Slice and Dice]

Cut to the Chase is a passive specialization ability for Assassination rogues, available at level 56. It gives [Envenom] a 100% chance to extend the duration of active [Slice and Dice] by 3 seconds per combo point spent.


While the description says [Eviscerate] to those that doesn't have Cut to the Chase, Eviscerate is replaced by [Envenom] at level 30 for Assassination rogues.

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