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Cute But Deadly

“Cuteness overload!”

The Cute But Deadly series transforms iconic favorite characters from Blizzard's franhises: Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. They make various mercahndise types such as figurines, apparel, pins, and many other accessories, with the main focus on the figurines.


The very first Cut But Deadly figurine was debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013 with Sylvanas. At BlizzCon 2013, a 3-pack bundle was included in the goodie bag for the physical ticket holders. This bundle include Diablo, Arthas (Lich King), and Kerrigan.

Series 1[]

The first series was introduced in 2014 with a blind box design for the first set of serialized figures, with one variant being exclusive to LootCrate.

Series 2[]

The second series was revealed in 2015 with 12 characters, up 2 from the first series. There was one exclusive variant released by Hot Topic.

Series 3[]

The third series was released in 2017 and themed for Overwatch. It had a total of 13 characters, one more from the previous series that included a variant for Reaper doing a Death Blossom.

Series 4[]

The fourth series was released at San-Diego Comic Con 2018. It had a total of 14 characters, one more from the previous series. This series included two mystery figurines.

It consists of the following figurines: Warchief Sylvanas, Genji (Carbon Fiber), Necromancer, Varok Saurfang, Ana, Genn Greymane, Mira Han, D.Va (White Rabbit), Malto, Torbjörn, Ava, Anduin, and two mystery figures.

Series 5[]

The fifth series was released at BlizzCon 2018 and is Overwatch-themed. It has a total of 13 characters, including one mystery figure that is not listed on the box art. There may be additional mystery figures that have not yet been discovered.

It consists of the following figurines: Ana (Shrike), Junkrat, McCree (White Hat), Mei, Mercy, Moira, Symmetra, Reaper (Wight), Widowmaker, Torbjörn (Tre Kronor), Zarya (Midnight), Zenyatta, and another Mei figure as a mystery.

Medium figures[]

These figures were sold individually, not blind boxed. So far, this format has been used for larger characters, which would not fit into the standard blind boxes when made to scale with the smaller figures. In July 2018, Removable D.Va with Meka was released in this format at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. In November 2018, Orisa, Reinhardt, and Winston were released in this format at BlizzCon 2018.

Colossal figures[]

At San-Diego Comic Con 2017, Blizzard unveiled a new line of products that are significantly larger, heavier, and can light up.

Exclusive figures[]


The following are exclusive figurines that were available at either San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) or BlizzCon throughout the years.



GameStop revealed an exclusive Bastion figurine in December 2017 and D.Va, Genji, and Roadhog in 2018, and Target revealed an exclusive Roxo Lúcio figurine in 2018. LootGaming crates for March and April 2017 introduced two exclusive figurines. The first figurine to be released with LootCrate was a orange Murloc.

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