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Image of D'ore
Race Naaru (Uncategorized)
Level 73 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sha'tar
Location Auchenai Crypts, Auchindoun
Status Active
Auchenai Crypts

Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Exarch Maladaar




Other Auchindoun instances

D'ore is an ancient naaru who aided the draenei of Argus.


During the Genedar's crash several centuries ago, K'ara was injured, which caused it to enter the Void state of the naaru lifecycle. K'ara's final act was to convince the draenei to eject it from the vessel, but this was easier said than done. The Void energy instinctively caused K'ara to go to war against the other naaru aboard the vessel, D'ore and K'ure. Their violent clash of Light and Void threatened to kill any draenei who interfered, yet Prophet Velen stepped forward nonetheless. He used the Light to shield the other naaru and cast K'ara out of the vessel. But the battle sapped his strength, physically and mentally, and his visions of the future became unreliable.[1] K'ara was ejected from the Genedar in the chaos of the crash, and came to be known as the Dark Star to the orcs of Shadowmoon Valley.

Meanwhile D'ore and K'ure were too weakened to land the Genedar, and the vessel soon plummeted to the ground, killing D'ore and many of the draenei on board.[1] D'ore's remains were gathered by Exarch Othaar and his Sha'tari, who then brought them to Auchindoun; there, they hoped to study them in order to hopefully learn enough to communicate with the other naaru and draenei beyond Draenor.[2]

In time, D'ore's body would became a shadowy void that attracted and consumed souls. It will regenerate its power from the Light over time, a process that has now lasted for hundreds of years and that is said by D'ore itself to be almost complete.[3]

After Exarch Maladaar was defeated, D'ore appeared in order to redeem Maladaar's spirit. By the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, D'ore had been regenerating into a being of Light once more. The champions of the Conclave visited D'ore in Auchindoun to collect his pure Light.[4]



  • On the alternate Draenor, adventurers can gain its blessing from a Pilgrim's Shrine in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • D'ore saying his regeneration has been lasting for more than a thousand years[3] matches the old Burning Crusade website's description that the draenei arrived to Draenor thousands of years ago. This was however retconned to 200 years.[5][6]
  • The name D'ore may be a reference to the usual Light-based nature that we see presented in the naaru, d'or meaning "of gold" within the French language to reflect the composition of a given object, with gold likely being a reference to the Light.

Ashbringer Crystal[]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
Main article: Ashbringer#Ashbringer's origins

There is speculation that the crystal that would be crafted into the Ashbringer may have come from a fragment of D'ore's body.

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