DKPSoft is short for Dragon Kill Points Software. It is a piece of code that is used to facilitate administration and management of DKP points attributed in instances. Quite often, DKPSofts use a web interface programmed in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. DKP administrators (namely guild officers) distribute and update DKP as it is spent or earned, and every guild member can therefore look up her DKP in realtime on the web.


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  • EQDKP - Open source software for running a guild's DKP system on a website.
  • EQDKPlus - Open source advanced EQDKP System with many plugins like: Raidplaner, Bossprogress, CMS-Bridges, ...
  • nDKP
  • DKP Log Parser - Open source program for administrating time based DKP systems (integrated with EQDKP, compatible with CT RaidTracker).
  • CT RaidTracker - A modification for tracking raids, available with a plugin which allows the raids to be imported into EQDKP.