Encounter by type
Add fight Add fight
Battle for survival Battle for survival
Council encounterCouncil encounterCouncil encounter Council encounter
DPS race DPS race
Gear check Gear check
Stay out of the fire Stay out of the fire
Tank and spankTank and spank Tank and spank

In some boss fights it is important to quickly kill the boss before he kills the raid. This type of fight is sometimes referred to as a DPS Race, and usually has the following characteristics:

  • The hallmark of this encounter type is the boss having an effect that guarantees a wipe if the encounter takes too long. This is usually either a hard enrage on a timer, or a stacking debuff or buff that will eventually make the boss unmanageable.
  • Sometimes feature mechanics that make threat a non-issue, such as a large buff to tank damage or reduced threat for DPS.
  • Sometimes feature mechanics to allow DPS to boost their damage output, such as intentionally gaining a debuff or standing in a particular area.
  • Once a fight is outgeared, DPS races usually devolve into simple tank and spank encounters.

DPS Race fights usually exist to prevent undergeared players/groups from progressing into higher-end content. In the Firelands, examples of DPS races include Baleroc and Majordomo Staghelm, the former featuring an extremely short enrage timer, the latter featuring an extreme amount of health. Ultraxion in Dragon Soul is a DPS race as well, due to his rapidly stacking raid damage.

DPS races and gear checks are similar encounter types with a lot of overlap. A DPS race is usually differentiated from a simple gear check by having at least some mechanics to challenge DPS.

Multiple phase encounters can feature DPS race phases. This is most commonly a final phase, where the boss' damage will suddenly start sharply increasing, or the boss will start summoning large numbers of adds.

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