NeutralDadanga is Hungry!
Start Dadanga
End Dadanga
Level 55 (Requires 47)
Type repeatable
Category Un'Goro Crater
Previous None


Dadanga wants you to get her 15 Bloodpetal Sprouts.

Required Item:


Dadanga looks up at you as you approach her. She seems to be hoping for something...

She's probably hungry!

There's got to be something growing in the crater that would be just the perfect snack for a large herbivore. Dadanga's a big girl; whatever you bring her, there would need to be a lot of it!


Bloodpetal Sprouts are very common in Un'Goro Crater, they look like large green plants. You must "open" them to get the sprout.

This quest is often done by alchemists as the  [Recipe: Elixir of Brute Force] is found only by doing this quest and opening the Small Brown-wrapped Package. According to Thottbot there is an approximate 2% drop rate of getting this item.

Due to the low drop rate, it is very possible that the quest must be done many times in order to get the recipe. One method of doing this is as follows. Bloodpetal Sprouts have a short respawn time, so going around the entire perimeter of the crater will not only net you a large amount of Blood Petal sprouts, but a good amount of Un'Goro Power Crystals and  [Un'Goro Soil] as well. Additionally, if you are a herbalist and/or a miner you will get a good quantity of raw material doing this. It should only take one run around the crater to get 15 sprouts. While you are traversing the crater, in all likelihood the Sprouts will have respawned, so another go around the crater can be undertaken if so desired.

One should note that the Recipe: Elixir of Brute Force is NOT Bind on Pickup, so it can be bought and sold at the auction house.


You will be given the following item:

Inside the package there are the following possible contents:

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