HordeDagra the Fierce
Start Zunta [44.1, 28.9]
End Dagra the Fierce [58.6, 53]
Level 1-60 (Requires 1)
Type Account
Category Battle Pets
Experience 80
Rewards  [Sack of Pet Supplies]
19g 40s
Previous H [1-60] Zunta, The Pet Tamer
Next H [1-60] Analynn
For the Alliance version of this quest, see Old MacDonald.


Defeat Dagra the Fierce in a pet battle.

  • Defeat Dagra the Fierce


Der be another trainer not far from here that you ought to fight to test your worth.

Dagra the Fierce waits on the northern slope of Thorn Hill, east of The Crossroads. If you be beatin' her, you just might have what it takes.


You will receive: 19g 40s

Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag.png [Sack of Pet Supplies]


I fear nothing. I will not be defeated!


You fight with the determination of one who does not fear defeat, but does not tolerate it, either. You will go far.


She has three level 3 pets: Longneck, Springtail and Ripper.

Longneck: Beast type -- [Hoof], [Tranquility], [Stampede]
Springtail: Critter type -- [Hoof], [Nature's Ward], [Headbutt]
Ripper: Beast type -- [Claw], [Rake], [Prowl]

After a pet's defeat:

Dagra the Fierce says: Not important. I will stop at nothing to win!


  1. A [1-60] Audrey Burnhep / H [1-60] Varzok
  2. A [1-60] Julia, The Pet Tamer / H [1-60] Zunta, The Pet Tamer
  3. A [1-60] Old MacDonald / H [1-60] Dagra the Fierce
  4. A [1-60] Lindsay / H [1-60] Analynn
  5. A [1-60] Eric Davidson / H [1-60] Zonya the Sadist
  6. A [1-60] Steven Lisbane / H [1-60] Merda Stronghoof
  7. A [1-60] Bill Buckler / H [1-60] Cassandra Kaboom
  8. B [1-60] A Tamer's Homecoming
  9. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms & B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor
  10. N [1-60] Grand Master Lydia Accoste & N [1-60] Grand Master Trixxy
  11. B [1-60] The Returning Champion / B [1-60] The Returning Champion
  12. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Outland
  13. N [1-60] Grand Master Antari
  14. B [1-60] Exceeding Expectations
  15. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Northrend
  16. N [1-60] Grand Master Payne
  17. B [1-60] A Brief Reprieve
  18. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Cataclysm
  19. N [1-60] Grand Master Obalis
  20. B [1-60] The Triumphant Return
  21. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria
  22. N [1-60] Grand Master Aki

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