Image of Dakarr
Title <Highmountain's Bane>
Gender Male
Race Nightsaber (Beast)
Level 10-45 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Helmouth Shallows and Lair of the Beast, Stormheim
Status Killable

Dakarr, Highmountain's Bane, is a monstrous, corrupted nightsaber that dwells in the fog and mists of the Helmouth Shallows in Stormheim. Though it was once a noble creature, it was driven to madness by a deranged vrykul mystic and began preying upon Highmountain tauren villages. In response, the tauren chieftain Dorro Highmountain fought the beast off and then tracked it back to Stormheim with the legendary spear  [Talonclaw] in hand. However, he never returned from Stormheim, and Talonclaw has not been seen since.[1]

Years after Dorro's disappearance and presumed death, reports of a nightsaber stalking the fogs of Stormheim began to surface once again. Apata and Wuho Highmountain, seeking to reclaim their family's ancestral spear, accompany an aspiring hunter champion to the Helmouth Shallows to track Dakarr down and slay him. After disabling a wall of runic wards set up by the local kvaldir to keep the monster at bay, the three hunters make their way into Dakarr's territory, where they are soon attacked by the beast and its illusionary minions. Eventually, Wuho is killed by Dakarr, and soon after Apata suffers the same fate, leaving the hunter adventurer to track the injured beast back to its lair and kill it. Upon completing this task and claiming Talonclaw, the hunter is greeted by the spirit of Dorro Highmountain, who thanks the champion for their brave deeds. Now able to move on from the shallows, he assures that he will seek out Apata and Wuho's spirits so they can do the same.[2]

Objective of

Dakarr needs to be killed for the eleventh and penultimate stage of N Hunter [10-45] The Spear in the Shadow.


  • Originally, Dakarr had the title of <Shadow of Helya>, but the title was changed before release.
  • Roteye is the rare that spawns in the (unnamed) cave in regular phase.

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