Dalronn the Controller

"Give yourself to the Scourge, and I promise you a painless and hasty transition into the unending service of the Lich King."
Faction The Scourge
Type Scourge Hero
Talent Demonology
Rules Flip Dalronn, remove a Warlock in your graveyard from the game → Target Demon has +3 ATK this turn.

Deckbuilding: You can only include either Alliance or Horde cards, Warlock cards, Warlock Demonology talents, neutral cards, and Scourge cards.
You can't include cards with reputations or other text restrictions.
Race Human
Class Warlock
Notes Dalronn the Controller's artwork was later modified and reused for the Hearthstone card Evil Heckler.
Health 28
Set Icecrown
Number 5/220
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Dan Scott
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.