Daral'nir[1] is a great tree located within the Emerald Dream that has the ability to calm enraged beings. Thousands of years before the Alliance-Horde war, Cenarius sealed Malfurion Stormrage beneath the tree when the Pack Form's blind fury overtook him. Malfurion later banished Ralaar Fangfire and his Druids of the Pack—the night elf druids who became the first worgen—to this place, where they have slumbered away the millennia.[2][3] The counterpart in Azeroth is Tal'doren,[4] located in the Blackwald of southern Gilneas.

Daral'nir made its first in-game appearance in Battle for Azeroth, during the worgen heritage questline. During this questline, the player and Tess Greymane are sent into a version of Gilneas City within the Emerald Dream. Near the city, looming overhead where Tal'doren should be, Daral'nir can be seen, towering over all other trees in the area.