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Dark Ascension

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For the priest talent, see [Dark Ascension].
NeutralDark Ascension
Start  [Iskar's Tome of Shadows]
End Reshad
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 3,770
Reputation +1000 Hand of the Prophet or Vol'jin's Headhunters
Rewards  [Baleful Girdle]
30g 80s
Previous N [100] Get a Clue


Speak to Reshad in the Ruins of Kra'nak.


You skim through the pages of the tome, most of them filled with notes on the nature of shadow and illusion. On the last pages you discover a journal:

I continue to search for a cure to the curse of Sethe. If Terokk was restored I would not be in this situation. Damn Reshad!

I was contacted by an orc that identified himself as Gul'dan. He has a cure for the curse! I must travel to Tanaan to search for the location of this "cipher" of his.

Take this information to Reshad.


You will receive:
Inv belt mail draenorhonor c 01.png [Baleful Girdle]

You will also receive: 30g 80s


I wish it had not come to this...


Thank you, <name>.

This was no easy task and I am grateful once again for your assistance. Iskar's madness must be stopped.

I trust that when the time comes you will be ready.




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