HordeDark Forces
Start Baine Bloodhoof
End Baine Bloodhoof
Level 45-60
Category Highmountain Tauren
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous H [45-60] Shadow Over Thunder Bluff
Next H [45-60] Return to Highmountain


Defeat Qy'telek, Herald of Uul'gyneth

  • Kill Qy'telek


The Old Gods have inflicted one of their faceless ones upon Thunder Bluff. The fiend desecrates my people's city!

We must fight together to rid this place of such filth.

I believe that destroying this herald will drive our enemies from Mulgore. May our weapons strike true, <name>!


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


This herald of the Old Gods must be stopped.


A fine kill, <name>. My people can clean up from here.


  1. H [45-60] A Feast for Our Kin
  2. H [45-60] Shadow Over Thunder Bluff
  3. H [45-60] Dark Forces
  4. H [45-60] Return to Highmountain
  5. H [45-60] Dark Tales
  6. H [45-60] Walking in Their Footsteps
  7. H [45-60] Shadow of the Sepulcher
  8. H [45-60] Minions of the Darkness
  9. H [45-60] Huln's Mountain
  10. H [45-60] Servants of the Darkness
  11. H [45-60] How Fares Ebonhorn?
  12. H [45-60] Curse of the Necrodark
  13. H [45-60] Whispers of the Darkness & H [45-60] Ice and Shadow
  14. H [45-60] The Final Ward
  15. H [45-60] The Darkness
  16. H [45-60] Together We Are the Horde!

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