• Dark Iron Bar
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 6s

Dark Iron Bar is a rare metal that can be smelted only in the Black Forge in Blackrock Depths.


Dark Iron Bar is smelted by Miners with a skill level of 230. Smelting Dark Iron can only be done in the Black Forge in Blackrock Depths. All smithed items needs to smithed in the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths, while only the  [Dark Iron Rifle] needs to be engineered there. See dark iron for more info, including how to learn the Smelt Dark Iron skill.

To smelt one bar, you will need 8x  [Dark Iron Ore].

The ability to smelt Dark Iron Ore is taught by the quest N [20-30D] The Spectral Chalice given by Gloom'rel.

As an ingredient

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Dark Iron Bar as a Quest Objective

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