AllianceDark Iron Tacticians
Start Alliance Prospector Seymour
End Alliance Mayara Brightwing
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Blackrock Depths
Experience 6,100
Rewards 3g 33s
Previous B [20-30D] Infiltrating Shadowforge City
Next B [20-30D] The Grim Guzzler


Kill General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach.


General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach lead the Dark Iron armies and their golems against us. If we are to overcome them, the two must be slain.

Go through this door and unlock The Shadowforge Lock, which separates the West and West Garrisons. Then, follow the stairs and keep to the left at the top until you reach the West Garrison. It is there you will find the General and Golem Lord.

Keep your wits about you, they are both well-seasoned combatants. Find Mayara Brightwing should you succeed.


How did you manage to get here? I was only able to while the city was at one of Thaurissan's rallies.


I'm sure you are up to the task I have for you if you've made it this far in one piece.

<Mayara Brightwing lowers her voice to a whisper.>

Between you and me, you may want to enjoy yourself in the Grim Guzzler while you're there. It could be the last drink you ever have.


  • 6100 XP
  • 3g 33s

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