Dark Riders of Acherus

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"Dark Rider of Acherus" redirects here. For the NPC, see Dark Rider of Acherus (NPC). For other Dark Riders, see Dark Rider (disambiguation).

The Dark Riders of Acherus (also referred to simply as the Dark Riders)[1] are a sub-group of the Death Knights of Acherus and later the Knights of the Ebon Blade. They are led by Salanar the Horseman.[1]

They live in the Realm of Shadows. When a horse is sent there, they slay it and raise it as a deathcharger.[2]

The order is potentially old, as Dark Rider Ghrave has been described as "ancient".[3]

They have their own sigil.






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Darkrider Arly could be a member of their ranks.