NeutralDark Secrets and Shady Deals
Start Fleet Admiral Tethys
End Lord Jorach Ravenholdt
Level 10-45
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 15,500
Rewards  [Glory of the Order]
 [Bandit Wanted Poster]
1000 Order Resources
16g 60s
Previous N Rogue [10-45] Searching For Clues
N Rogue [10-45] Time Flies When Yer Havin' Rum!
Next N Rogue [10-45] Champion: Lord Jorach Ravenholdt
N Rogue [10-45] Convincin' Old Yancey


Speak with Lord Ravenholdt.


Whatever Amber Kearnen knew, Mathias Shaw didn't want it gettin' out...

Aye, this be dirty business indeed, hiring th' Red Blade at such a price... just to hunt down and kill one of their own!

Ye best get back to th' Hall 'o Shadows, and let Lord Ravenholdt know what we found here in Citrine Bay.

Whatever SI:7 be up to, it be goin' deeper than we first imagined...


You will receive: 16g 60s
Achievement reputation 03.png [Glory of the Order] Inv scroll 08.png [Bandit Wanted Poster]

You will also receive:

  • 15,500 XP
  • 1000 Order Resources


SI:7 made a secret deal with The Red Blade to hunt down Amber Kearnen?

It seems that Master Mathias Shaw was willing to pay any cost to have her dealt with...


Quest accept
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: These be not th' Red Blade's waters... who sent ye, laddie?
Captured Pirate says: I'll... I'll never tell ye!
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Do ye know who I be, laddie?
Captured Pirate says: Now that ye mention it... ye does look somewhat familiar.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Tethys 'o th' Blood Sail Buccaneers!
Captured Pirate says: Oh god no! I've heard of you... please don't kill me!
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Now I'll only ask ye one more the hour... who sent ye?
Captured Pirate says: It was SI:7! They offered us the riches of Stormwind in exchange for Amber Kearnen!
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: We've got what we be needin' here. Ye be off to Dalaran, I'll catch up!
Captured Pirate says: I think... I just soiled myself! Please... don't kill me!
Enter the Chamber of Shadows
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Aye, this letter be writ' in no ordinary code. This here code be t' work o' a true master!
Princess Tess Greymane says: Translation please? I cannot understand his incessant pirate gibberish.
Valeera Sanguinar says: He said that the letter was written in an advanced code that will not easily be broken.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Ye best watch yer tongue lass or ye'll be makin' a trip t' t' plank!
Princess Tess Greymane says: T' t'..t' plank?
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: Enough!


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