HordeDark Tidings
Start  [Ominous Letter]
End Nazgrel
Level 62 (Requires 59)
Type Dungeon
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 19,440
Reputation +250 Thrallmar
Rewards 2g 70s
Next B [63D] The Blood is Life
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [62D] Dark Tidings.


Take the Ominous Letter to Nazgrel at Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.


Giving the lifeless form of Vazruden the Herald the once-over, you discover a rolled letter, its seal yet unbroken. An elaborate "I" is pressed within the blood-red ink. Cracking the note open, the message that you read is most disturbing.

Nazgrel back in Thrallmar will definitely want to take a look at this!


You will receive:


What is that letter you have there, <class>?


It's signed by Illidan you say?! Let me have that.

<Nazgrel reads the letter, and then again a second time, thinking a moment before going on.>

This news that you bring is ominous indeed. Knowing this, we must accelerate our plans against Hellfire Citadel and this Blood Furnace. Because you have shown that you can get the job done, I want you to head up those plans!

Centurion Caza'rez will give you your next mission, though I suspect it will be far deadlier than your first.

Lok'tar ogar, <name>!



  • A Cataclysm version was apparently planned, but it never made it on live servers.[1]

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