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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Dark inscribers use runes to channel necromantic and/or demonic magic.[1]

The inscriber is a strange one. He has access to arcanist spells and to rune patterns, and as he grows in understanding he can blend the two to create runes of his spells. Most inscribers feel a connection to the ley energies of the natural world. Runes are, after all, a way to harness arcane power without risk of demonic corruption. This fact is no secret. What is a secret — at least, what many inscribers would like to keep secret — is that they can use runes for a darker purpose. Just as they can capture the native, pure energies of the world, so too can they contain the blackest evil from the Nether. Some inscribers see runes as another possible conduit through which to channel necromantic or demonic energy. They forsake the standard arcanist spells to focus instead on dark magic. Dark inscribers scribe runes on the foreheads of the dead to raise their bearers as zombies; the inscribers tattoo themselves with demonic signs.[2]


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