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For the organization, see Dark Shaman.

The dark shaman is a dark version of a shaman, forcing the elements into servitude by using Decay,[1] twisting them into burned-out ash, corrupted waters, and toxic air. They exist within the Fel Horde, the Twilight Cult, the True Horde,[2] and the Iron Horde. Initially, they formed an independent organization called Dark Shaman, consisting of surviving members of the Twilight's Hammer, and took over the Ragefire Chasm. After Garrosh began building his new base of power beneath Orgrimmar, most of the Ragefire Dark Shaman swore allegiance to his cause and began training Kor'kron shaman in the art of Dark Shamanism. Instead of simple robes, these shaman wear ominous-looking garments more akin to warlocks. During the attack on Northwatch Hold, the dark shaman summoned molten giants, an act forbidden by the Earthen Ring, to crush the Alliance defenders.[3] The Iron Horde's dark shaman are of the Warsong clan, and use the Void to enslave the elements.[4]

They can be dark farseers.






This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The taunka may be dark shaman since they are also known to force the elements into servitude, commanding them to their will and controlling them rather than asking them for aid like normal shaman do. When asked if taunka were dark shaman, Dave Kosak said that "taunka are taunka".[5]
  • The centaur females may be dark shaman since they tend to use a dark and perverted form of shamanism.[6]
  • Ner'zhul may have been considered a dark shaman when he started to force the elements to his will[citation needed]  after the destruction of the Dark Portal.
  • Tahku Swampstrider mentions that the elements of Zandalar have endured much at the hands of dark shaman. It is unknown who these dark shaman are, though it could be the Faithless and the Zandalari trolls aiding them, since the corruption of the Temple of Sethraliss has created twisted elementals.[7]


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