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NeutralDarkcrest tribe
Darkcrest Enclave
One of their settlements.
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Naga Male Rajah Haghazed †
Race(s) IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga Female Naga
IconSmall Broken Male Broken (slaves)
IconSmall Water Water elemental (servants)
Character classes Siren, Slaver, Sorceress
Capital Darkcrest Enclave
Other major settlements Darkcrest Shore
Theater of operations Zangarmarsh
Affiliation Illidan's Naga, Illidan's forces
Status Unknown
Wanted Poster

The Darkcrest tribe[1] is a tribe of Illidan's Naga based in Zangarmarsh. Their presence threatens the broken and Cenarion Expedition that have carved out holdings in the area. They are served by water elemental sentries.


The broken tribe of Dreghood was enslaved by the Illidari demons[2] and some of the members were sent to Zagarmarsh to do manual labor for the Darkcrest naga, they are being used to lumber mushrooms. The Umbrafen tribe of Lost Ones have allied with this naga and are extremely cruel with the slaves that escape.[3]

Ever since the Cenarion Expedition set in Zangarmarsh this naga have launched lethal attacks against them without warning, in response of this Warden Hamoot, responsible of the expedition's security, is sending heroes to defeat this naga and the Bloodscale Naga.[4] He had also put a wanted poster, seeking the head of their leader Rajah Haghazed and advising that the Bloodscale are extremely dangerous.[5][6]

The Steam Pump Overseers control the steam pumps and carry the Inv scroll 08 [Drain Schematics], which are documents that had their plan annotated.[7]








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