For darkglare lore, see Darkglare.


The Darkglare is a temporary demonic guardian minion available only to Affliction warlocks. It is summoned through the [Summon Darkglare] ability. When summoned, the Darkglare immediately extends the duration of all of the warlock's damage over time effects on all targets by 8 seconds. It then persists for 20 seconds, striking the warlock's current target repeatedly at range with shadow damage, increased by 10% for every damage over time effect the warlock has active on any target.

Summon Darkglare synergizes extremely strongly with the level 15 Affliction talent [Deathbolt]. The warlock can apply their normal DoTs ( [Agony], [Corruption], [Siphon Life] if talented), cooldown DoTs ( [Phantom Singularity] or [Vile Taint]), and then cast up to 5 Unstable Afflictions on the target (depending on [Soul Shards] available). If the warlock follows this immediately with Summon Darkglare, then all of the DoTs will be extended by 8 seconds (including all 5 of the short-duration Unstable Affliction DoTs, which have a normal duration of only 8 seconds but can be extended well beyond this by the Darkglare). Immediately following this with Deathbolt will cause an extremely large burst of damage, allowing it to be one of the highest damage abilities in the game when used in this manner.