NeutralDarkheart Thicket: Through the Fog
Start Brann Bronzebeard
End Brann Bronzebeard
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Type Dungeon
Category Archaeology
Rewards  [Purple Hills of Eredath]
Previous N Archaeology [45] The Purple Hills of Eredath


Obtain the Final Chapter of The Purple Hills of Mac'Aree.


I can't believe that after all that searchin' ye did, it's still missing a chapter!

I'm willin' ta bet that those satyrs got a hand on it and took it somewhere. Probably somewhere dark where no one could find it.

I've heard rumors of a place, the Darkheart Thicket they call it, where the strongest of the satyrs are.

If I had ta guess, I'd say ye need to go there and look around fer it.


You will receive:
Inv archaeology 70 purplehillsofmacaree.png [Purple Hills of Eredath]


A world of nightmares is nowhere where anyone should have ta go to.


Oh ho! Ye found the missing chapter AND a piece of me titan disc?!

This truly is a day of celebration. I'll let ye have the book, and ye can tell me what 'appened at tha end of it.


Both of the quest items are dropped by the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket.

Criteria of


  1. N Archaeology [45] Fel Fragments
  2. N Archaeology [45] The Purple Hills of Eredath
  3. N Archaeology [45D] Darkheart Thicket: Through the Fog

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