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  • Darkmoon Card
  • "A random Darkmoon card. Collect a full set to receive a reward."

Darkmoon Card is an Inscription spell that creates one of 32 cards at random.

The cards (Ace through eight) are chosen from among the Beasts, Elementals, Portals and Warlords decks. Combining one each of all eight cards creates the deck, which can then be turned in via a quest to gain one of these Level 60 epic trinkets:

Deck Trinket
 [Beasts Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon]
 [Elementals Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom]
 [Portals Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether]
 [Warlords Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Heroism]


Casting this spell requires Inscription (275).

Materials needed
Inv inscription inkbluewhite03.png 5x [Ink of the Sky] Inv inscription papyrus.png 1x [Light Parchment]

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