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The subject of this article or section is part of Darkmoon Faire, an ongoing event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next month.

Darkmoon Cards are cards that can be collected and compiled into a Deck, which can then be turned in to the Darkmoon Faire for the reward of an item and Darkmoon Faire reputation. Higher-level decks, which are of most interest to players, award an epic trinket. Lower-level decks award a lower level uncommon or rare item, and a more modest amount of reputation. Neither the individual cards nor the decks are bind on pickup, and a character of any level can create a deck, though the reward will have level requirements.

Higher-level decks and trinkets

Each higher-level deck consists of an Ace and seven sequentially numbered cards, from two to eight. As of Patch 3.0.2, which added inscription, all of these cards may be created by scribes. In fact, the cards for level 80 decks may only be obtained this way. For level 60 and 70 decks, the cards numbered 2-4 may also drop from mobs outside instances and cards numbered 5-8 drop from elite mobs inside instances. The Aces for the level 70 decks can drop from any boss from a level 70 or Heroic instance, while the Aces for the level 60 decks drop from specific bosses:

Once a deck is assembled, it offers a quest to turn the deck in to Neutral Professor Thaddeus Paleo at the Darkmoon Faire for an epic trinket reward (refer to the table below) and 350 Darkmoon Faire reputation. This may only be done at times when the Darkmoon Faire is running.

Level 60 Bc icon.gif Level 70 Wrath of the Lich King Level 80 Cataclysm Level 85 Mists of Pandaria Level 90
Deck Trinket Deck Trinket Deck Trinket Deck Trinket Deck Trinket
 [Beasts Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon]  [Furies Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Vengeance]  [Chaos Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Berserker!]  [Hurricane Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Hurricane] (Agility)
 [Darkmoon Card: Hurricane] (Strength)
[Tiger Deck]  [Relic of Xuen] (Agility)
 [Relic of Xuen] (Strength)
 [Elementals Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom]  [Storms Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Wrath]  [Nobles Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] (Agility)
 [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] (Intellect)
 [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] (Versatility)
 [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] (Strength)
 [Volcanic Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Volcano] [Ox Deck]  [Relic of Niuzao]
 [Portals Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether]  [Blessings Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Crusade]  [Prisms Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Illusion]  [Tsunami Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Tsunami] [Crane Deck] [Relic of Chi-Ji]
 [Warlords Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Heroism]  [Lunacy Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Madness]  [Undeath Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Death]  [Earthquake Deck]  [Darkmoon Card: Earthquake] [Serpent Deck] [Relic of Yu'lon]
  • [Ace of Serpents]
  • [Two of Serpents]
  • [Three of Serpents]
  • [Four of Serpents]
  • [Five of Serpents]
  • [Six of Serpents]
  • [Seven of Serpents]
  • [Eight of Serpents]

Lower-level Decks

The cards which form the lesser decks are created only through inscription. As with the major decks, lesser decks are assembled from an Ace and sequential cards numbered two onwards. There are four decks. The  [Rogues Deck] consists of only three cards (Ace, Two and Three of Rogues). The  [Swords Deck] consists of four cards. The  [Mages Deck] and  [Demons Deck] consist of five cards each.

Once a deck is assembled, it offers a quest to summon a Neutral Darkmoon Fortune Teller. The deck may be turned in to the fortune teller, who awards a choice of item and 25 Darkmoon Faire reputation. This turn-in may done at any time and location, even when the Darkmoon Faire is not running.

Deck Reward
[Rogues Deck] [Darkmoon Robe], [Darkmoon Vest] or [Darkmoon Chain Shirt]
[Swords Deck] [Azure Shoulderguards], [Cloaked Shoulderpads] or [Darkcloth Shoulders]
[Mages Deck] [Darkmoon Necklace] or [Darkmoon Pendant]
[Demons Deck] [Darkmoon Dirk], [Darkmoon Executioner] or [Darkmoon Magestaff]


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