For the Darkmoon Faire faction and event information, see Darkmoon Faire (faction). For the event prior to patch 4.3.0, see Darkmoon Faire (Classic).
NeutralThe Darkmoon Faire
The Darkmoon Faire.jpg
Type Faire
Leader(s)  Silas Darkmoon
Race(s) Various
Resource(s) Entertainment, [Darkmoon Prize Ticket]
Affiliation(s) Darkmoon Faire
Location Southern Darkmoon Island
Status Active (first week every month)

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The subject of this article or section is part of Darkmoon Faire, an ongoing event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next month.

Ahead of You, Down the Path
A Majestic, Magical Faire!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods
Ignore the Eyes That Blink and Stare
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You're Nearly There!
Behold, My Friend: THE DARKMOON FAIRE!
—Arrow signs along the Darkmoon Path guiding visitors to the fairegrounds

The Darkmoon Faire (or the Darkmoon Theater Troupe)[1] is a large gathering of activities on the southern area of Darkmoon Island, brought together by Silas Darkmoon. The faire opens on the second Sunday of the month at 3 AM realm time and lasts for one week. At the conclusion of that week, players on the island are automatically teleported off the island, back to Elwynn Forest/Mulgore.

Prior to patch 4.3.0, the Darkmoon Faire could be found at one of three locations: Outside Goldshire in Elwynn Forest, outside Thunder Bluff in Mulgore, and on the outskirts of Shattrath City in Outland's Terokkar Forest.

Attendees can complete daily quests associated with each sideshow game to win a  [Darkmoon Game Prize] containing a [Darkmoon Prize Ticket] and possibly another prize. Each game requires a  [Darkmoon Game Token] which is purchasable from vendors scattered throughout the faire. Tokens and prize tickets are also rewarded from once-per-faire profession-specific quests, which grant +5 skill in the appropriate profession. Prize tickets can be used to purchase pets, mounts, vanity items, heirlooms, and replica armor for use in transmogrification. Plus, there's a carousel that boosts experience and reputation gain.

Traveling to and from the Faire

The Darkmoon Faire showcases the weird and extraordinary. Gathering the exotic from around the world, Silas Darkmoon presents the Darkmoon Faire as a celebration of the wonders and mysteries found in Azeroth. The faire spends most of its time in parts unknown but is available from time to time by accessing portals in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore.[2]

The staging ground in Elwynn Forest.

The staging ground in Mulgore.

The Darkmoon Faire.

Players can reach Darkmoon Island via the portal in the Darkmoon Faire Staging Grounds that are set up near one of their major cities:

The Alliance Darkmoon Faire Staging Grounds are in Elwynn Forest, just south of the crossroads in Goldshire, which in turn is just down the road from Stormwind.
The Darkmoon Faire Staging Grounds for the Horde are in Mulgore, just southwest of Thunder Bluff. They're reachable without flying by taking the western lift down from the city.

To quickly get to the staging grounds, players may speak to Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage located in each major city to for a teleport - they charge a low price that varies by character level. Once on the Island, the Darkmoon Path leads down the ridge to the Faire to the south, and mounts are provided for players who are too low level for standard riding.

Players need only travel to the southernmost point of the island, to the Darkmoon Boardwalk, where a "Portal Back" is under a small tent. The portal returns players to the staging grounds in either Elwynn Forest or Mulgore, depending on faction. There is a similar portal at the start of the Darkmoon Path for players who arrive on the island only to remember they forgot something (such as materials for the various profession quests at the Faire).


New in patch 9.2.0

  • The Darkmoon Faire Dance added.

New in patch 8.3.0

  • The Mechafun Arcade added.

New in patch 8.1.5

  • A rollercoaster ride added.

New in patch 8.0

New in patch 7.2.5

New in patch 7.0

New vendor

New in patch 6.2

New in patch 6.1

Darkmoon Races

New in patch 6.0

Firebird's Challenge


Battle pets

21 battle pets are available from the Darkmoon Faire.

Seven pets are available for purchase for 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket each:

Two can be obtained from defeating the pet tamers:

Two pets drop from world bosses:

One pet can be fished up:

Two pets can be purchased from Flik for 1g:

Two pets can be purchased from Galissa Sundew:

One pet is a quest reward:

Two pets are achievement rewards:

Two wild pets can be captured:


Two mounts are available for purchase for 180 Darkmoon Prize Ticket each:


Thirteen toys are available during the Darkmoon Faire.

Four are available for purchase:

One is a (level 100) quest reward:

Six are achievement rewards:

Two are boss drops (or found on the Auction House):

Sideshow games

The Darkmoon Faire contains several sideshow-inspired minigames. Each minigame costs one  [Darkmoon Game Token] to play for a fixed amount of time. Each one also has has an associated repeatable quest which can be completed over the course of multiple play sessions - or a single one, with enough luck or skill. Completing each quest awards one  [Darkmoon Game Prize].

The Darkmoon Cannon

The Darkmoon Cannon!

Located across from the Eastern Pavilion, the Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon, owned by Maxima Blastenheimer, launches guests through the air towards a target sitting in the waters near the boardwalk south of the faire grounds. Getting a bullseye earns 5 points, landing close to it earns 3 points, and getting near it earns 1 point. A mage is located on the beach next to the target and will teleport anyone who has recently launched from the cannon back for additional attempts, or simply to continue their Faire-going...for a price.

The associated quest is N [1-60 Daily] The Humanoid Cannonball and requires 5 points - a single bullseye. Getting a bullseye also awards the  [Blastenheimer Bullseye] achievement.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss!

Located next to the Southern Pavilion, this game provides guests with 10 rings in which to toss onto the pole attached to Dubenko, a turtle in a large circular pen. Dubenko moves a few yards from time to time, and the ring toss itself is not entirely precise. Jessica Rogers runs the game and provides the associated quest, N [1-60 Daily] Target: Turtle, which asks for 3 rings on the pole.

In patch 6.1, a new achievement was added:  [Triumphant Turtle Tossing], which is awarded for a perfect run of getting all 10 rings on the turtle. The achievement awards the  [Darkmoon Ring-Flinger] toy. See the achievement article for a strategy.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery!

Located next to the Western Pavilion, Rinling has finally opened his shooting gallery after years of collecting engineering parts for his equipment. Guests are given a pellet rifle to shoot the targets that light up. Players will have 60 seconds to earn 25 points, which completes the quest, N [1-60 Daily] He Shoots, He Scores!.

  • You have to manually turn your body to face the target you want to shoot.
  • A Quick Shot is earned by shooting a target right after it lights up. This awards two points and the  [Quick Shot] achievement.
  • The reload on the rifles is fast enough that unlagged players can fire twice on the same target (three times if a Quick Shot is made) before it deactivates and stops granting points.

Tonk Challenge

Tonk Challenge!

Located next to the pastry tent, guests are given a steam tonk controller with which to pilot their tonks, within a "town" modeled with small paper buildings and surrounded by a fence. Players will have 60 seconds to destroy 30 targets, while being attacked by enemy tonks and MiniZeps at the same time. Finlay Coolshot runs the game and offers N [1-60 Daily] Tonk Commander.

In patch 6.1, a new achievement was added:  [Ace Tonk Commander], which is awarded for getting 45 points in a single run (more than the 30 needed for the quest). This achievement awards the  [Darkmoon Tonk Controller] toy.



Located near the entrance, guests receive a mallet to whack some stuffed gnolls that pop out of nine barrels in the area. Players will have 60 seconds to earn 30 points. The gnolls come in three types: normal, Hogger, and baby, awarding 1 point, 3 points, or a knockdown, respectively. Mola runs the game and gives the quest N [1-60 Daily] It's Hammer Time.

In patch 6.2, the  [That's Whack!] achievement was added. It requires scoring 45 points in a single session of Whack-a-Gnoll and rewards  [Hogs' Studded Collar].

Firebird's Challenge

Firebird's Challenge

New in Warlords of Draenor, near the fireworks vendor, guests are given ten seconds of flight and tasked to fly through 15 floating rings of fire, which are spread out all over Darkmoon Island (and not just the Faire area). Each fire ring flown through refreshes the 10-second flight timer. Fly through 10, 20, or 50 rings in a single Darkmoon Game Token-costing session to earn achievements:  [Flying High],  [Ringmaster], and  [Brood of Alysrazor], respectively. Completing the Brood of Alysrazor achievement awards the toy  [Blazing Wings]. Ziggie Sparks runs the game and gives the quest N [1-60 Daily] Firebird's Challenge.

Darkmoon Races

Darkmoon Races

Added in patch 6.1, Malle Earnhard runs the Darkmoon Races, starting at the boardwalk. The objective is to make it from the start/finish line to a set number of colored checkpoints, and then back to the finish line in as few bell tolls as possible, while taking advantage of speed and jump boosts and avoiding electrified fences.

There are a few quests:

  1. N [1-60] Welcome to the Darkmoon Races
  2. N [1-60 Daily] The Real Race
  3. N [1-60] Let's Keep Racing! (repeatable)

Wait, speed boosts? There are a number of power-ups, which can be triggered by running over objects on the race course, including:

  • Speed Boost (boot) - +100% movement speed
  • Super Jump (spring) - launch about 50 yards forward in the direction of motion

While racing, players have access to a special ability while on the Racing Strider.

  • Achievement guildperk fasttrack rank2.png  Jump To Banner 100 yd range — Jumps to a banner and grants immunity to hazards for 4 sec. Instant (10 sec cooldown)

The Real Race is timed, and there are achievements awarded for completing the race in a set amount of time:

  1.  [Darkmoon Racer Novice] (25)
  2.  [Darkmoon Racer Jockey] (20)
  3.  [Darkmoon Racer Leadfoot] (15)
  4.  [Darkmoon Racer Roadhog] (11, rewards the  [Fire-Eater's Vial])


Each month, a new wrinkle is added. Old options are still available, and achievements are possible using each combination

The Real Race, with the Racing Strider
The Real Big Race is added, with the Rocketeer
The Wanderluster is added
The Powermonger is added

Race map

Here is the map for "The Real Race":

Darkmoon Faire Dance

Added in patch 9.2, Simon Sezdans runs the Darkmoon Faire Dance in the South Pavilion. Square off against dance masters and earn combos by matching their moves. Do your best and earn the following achievements.

Profession quests

The Darkmoon Faire offers a quest corresponding to each primary and secondary profession. These can only be completed once per monthly faire, and only by players who have the corresponding profession. Some quests can be completed at the faire, and some require ingredients imported from outside the faire, but Archaeology is the only one that asks for anything that cannot be purchased at a goods vendor near the Faire Staging Areas. Completing each quest awards one  [Darkmoon Game Token], a few Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and 5 skill points in the associated profession!

All the profession quests require the player's skill level to be at least 75 in order to see the following quests.

Profession Quest Reward Required external items
Cooking N [1-60] Putting the Crunch in the Frog 3 Darkmoon Prize Ticket 5  [Simple Flour]
Fishing N [1-60] Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs 3 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Archaeology N [1-60] Fun for the Little Ones 3 Darkmoon Prize Ticket 15 [Fossil Archaeology Fragment]
Alchemy N [1-60] A Fizzy Fusion 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket 5  [Moonberry Juice]
Blacksmith N [1-60] Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Enchanting N [1-60] Putting Trash to Good Use 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Engineering N [1-60] Talkin' Tonks 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Herbalism N [1-60] Herbs for Healing 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Inscription N [1-60] Writing the Future 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket 5  [Light Parchment]
Jewelcrafting N [1-60] Keeping the Faire Sparkling 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Leatherworking N [1-60] Eyes on the Prizes 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket 5  [Blue Dye], 10  [Shiny Bauble], 5  [Coarse Thread]
Mining N [1-60] Rearm, Reuse, Recycle 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Skinning N [1-60] Tan My Hide 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Tailoring N [1-60] Banners, Banners Everywhere! 4 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Blue Dye],  [Coarse Thread],  [Red Dye]

Other activities

Darkmoon Faire, in Elwynn Forest, from Trading Card Game.

Darkmoon Cards

An important function of the Darkmoon Faire is to allow the return of decks of Darkmoon Cards. These are collectible sets of cards which may be created through inscription or (for level 60 and level 70 cards) found as loot. When all the cards in a set are collected, they form a deck. Higher-level decks may be returned to The Darkmoon Faire for an epic trinket. Lower-level decks reward the returner with more modest items. Returning any kind of deck also awards reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

Refer to Darkmoon Cards for a complete list of the rewards, and the sources of the cards.


See also: Sayge's Fortunes

Located between the Southern Pavilion and the Ring Toss, Sayge, a wise gnoll, will give guests a fortune after answering a couple of questions. With this fortune guests are given a buff, which will depend on the answers given. This buff lasts two hours.

Test Your Strength

Kerri Hicks challenges adventurers to go forth and challenge worthy opponents and bring back trophies of your victories to show just how strong you can be. She offers the quest N [1-60] Test Your Strength, which requires the  [Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide] to be in the bags. Kerri gives 10 prize tickets for bringing back 250 trophies.

It is anticipated that players will carry the adventurer's guide with them even when the faire is not accessible to keep accumulating artifacts and trophies to turn in when the faire returns.

Darkmoon Zoo Bizarre

Near the end of the faire, is the zoo, which is run by Yebb Neblegear. The zoo contains many animals and even a petting area with penguins, bush chickens, rams, and even ponies. The rams and ponies can also be ridden. There's a special VIP waiting area in which random VIPs wait for a tour. Oddly, Yebb calls his zoo a "Bizarre" rather than a Bazaar.

Petting Zoo

Respond to /pet, /pat, and /hug

VIP section

VIP guests that occasionally appear

Deathmatch Pit

Located at the Deathmatch Pavilion, contestants compete every three hours (starting at midnight) for a chance at the Darkmoon Treasure Chest. Enter through the gate at any time to enter the contest, or for some free for all action, even when no prize is available.

Korgol Crushskull will announce when the chest is soon to appear.

Battle Pets

Just south of the Shooting Gallery where the Tonk Free-for-All originally was is a spectator ring, with Gilnean Master Pet Tamer Jeremy Feasel ready to take on all challengers. You may challenge Feasel once a day with one  [Darkmoon Game Token] for a bag of  [Darkmoon Pet Supplies]. There is a rare chance of getting a new companion from the bag, the  [Darkmoon Eye]. The associated quest is N [1-60 Daily] Darkmoon Pet Battle!.

In 6.0, Christoph VonFeasel has appeared to show up Jeremy. Use a Darkmoon Game Token and defeat Cristoph to receive a bag of  [Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies]. Rarely in the bag is the magical pet  [Syd the Squid]. The associated quest is N [1-60 Daily] A New Darkmoon Challenger!.


Spell misc emotionhappy.png
  • WHEE!
  • Rode the Darkmoon carousel. Experience and Reputation gains increased by 10%.
  • Duration: 5 - 60 minutes

The Darkmoon carousel has been installed between The Darkmoon Cannon and the Shooting Gallery. For 50c to 1g, varying by level, Kae Ti sells a  [Ride Ticket Book], which contains five Darkmoon Ride Tickets. Stepping onto or riding the carousel will grant the [WHEE!] buff, granting +10% to reputation and experience gains, the duration of which will increase in 5-minute increments every couple seconds the Carousel is ridden up to a maximum of 1 hour. Players will be teleported out of the area if they have no ticket, in the same way they are removed from the sideshow areas without having started (or at the end of) the respective game.

Tickets are consumed when a fresh buff is granted (without having one yet or after it has expired), whereas returning before the buff falls off allows refreshing of the duration without paying a new ticket. You are still required to have a ticket with you in order to enter the area, so each character that plans to employ the buff during the event needs 2 tickets, one to get in the first time, and one to refresh the duration. The tickets are not soulbound and can, therefore, be sent to alts accordingly.

A player may also save 98s by buying the tickets at a low level and sending them to 5 high-level characters - remember, mailing costs money too.


A children's sandbox is located at the northeastern side of the fairgrounds. It contains several rideable Sandbox Tigers, which function identically to Darkmoon "Tiger"s. Around the sandbox are four tonk controllers, available for free-for-all matches.

The Tauren Chieftains' concert

At the top of every hour The Tauren Chieftains perform Power of the Horde on their own stage.

Darkmoon Despoiler

Players equipped with a  [Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide] have the opportunity to obtain artifacts that are occasionally dropped by instance bosses and enemy players. These artifacts can be accumulated even when the Faire is not active, and start quests to turn themselves in to Professor Thaddeus Paleo (for the most part - Sayge and Yebb Neblegear each also accept one item). Each of the nine can only be redeemed once per Faire, but all nine items may be turned in each month, and reward Darkmoon Prize Tickets for everyone. Completing all nine quests awards the  [Darkmoon Despoiler] achievement, including 2 sub-achievements for the dungeon-specific and PvP-specific drops separately.

Quest Starting item Reward Related achievement Source
N [1-60] A Curious Crystal  [Imbued Crystal] 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Dungeoneer] Dungeon
N [1-60] A Wondrous Weapon  [Ornate Weapon] 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Dungeoneer] Dungeon
N [1-60] An Exotic Egg  [Monstrous Egg] 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Dungeoneer] Dungeon
N [1-60] An Intriguing Grimoire  [Mysterious Grimoire] 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Dungeoneer] Dungeon
N [1-60] The Master Strategist  [A Treatise on Strategy] 15 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Dungeoneer] Heroic dungeon
N [1-60] Tools of Divination  [Soothsayer's Runes] 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Despoiler] Raid
N [1-60] A Captured Banner  [Banner of the Fallen] 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Defender] PvP
N [1-60] The Captured Journal  [Fallen Adventurer's Journal] 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Defender] PvP
N [1-60] The Enemy's Insignia  [Captured Insignia] 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket  [Darkmoon Defender] PvP

Gryvern roller coaster

Added in patch 8.1.5, for a  [Darkmoon Ride Ticket] sold by Mae Ti one can take a roller coaster ride on a Gryphon or a Wyvern seat. Completing a ride awards you with the [WHEE!] buff.

World bosses

That rabbit's dynamite!

There are two world bosses on Darkmoon Island, Moonfang, a wolf that frequently spawns in the western forest, west of the main faire area, and the Darkmoon Rabbit, which rarely spawns in a cave on the southeastern shore of the island. Both will require a raid to defeat.

Darkmoon Island

Since the Faire is the only time they have access to it, players should make sure to explore the non-Faire portions of Darkmoon Island while they have a chance. The island's waters offer an impossible variety of fish appropriate to each fishing level and the chance to hook a  [Sea Pony], as well as Shipwreck Debris for those searching for a more unusual catch.

Ticket redemption

Main article: Darkmoon Prize Ticket

The tickets earned by completing quests can be redeemed for a variety of vanity items and heirlooms from vendors near the center of the Faire. Lhara sells companion pets and mounts, while Gelvas Grimegate offers souvenirs and toys, including two transmogrification items, a 16-slot bag, Darkmoon Top Hats, and another companion pet. Daenrand Dawncrest makes all Justice Heirlooms available, and Barum and Baruma will exchange tickets for numerous replica items. Additionally, Rona Greenteeth will trade for two legs of old mutton usable as maces, at her food cart in the woods outside the Faire. See the ticket page for full item lists.


Aimee's pie, pasty, and cakes

There's three booths found at the faire for refreshments:

The Food Stand
Run by Stamp Thunderhorn, he offers decent food for hungry guests
The Drink Stand
Run by Sylannia, she offers the usual beverages for thirsty guests
The Dessert Stand
Run by Aimee, which has traveled all the way from Dalaran in order to provided the best treats to the guests.

Unfortunately, the eating area and booths were built right next to the Tonk Challenge game, offering very little quiet while trying to enjoy your meal.

There is also a more questionable food wagon, just west of the faire in the nearby woods, that is run by Rona Greenteeth. She sells food that she has caught herself and made into dishes that may give customers pause.


The people of Darkmoon Faire

Currently nothing exists in any pavilion and are currently under construction, except for the Deathmatch Pavilion.


Darkmoon Faire under cover of darkness. You are welcome.

Game operators


Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 9.2.0


  • If players visit the faire all 7 days, they have the chance to earn up to 162 prize tickets a month.
  • Without getting any artifacts, it would take approximately 3 months to earn enough for one mount and about 15 months to earn enough tickets to buy both mounts and the six companion pets.
  • The faire features as an attraction in the Blizzard World in-universe map in Overwatch, but is not seen in the in-game map itself.



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