For the current Darkmoon Faire currency, see [Darkmoon Prize Ticket].

The Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket was a reward from the turn-in quests, and can be exchanged for prizes at the Darkmoon-Emblem.png Darkmoon Faire. It stacked in stacks of 200; the most expensive items require 1200 tickets, or 6 full stacks. It was replaced by Darkmoon Prize Tickets in patch 4.3.0.


This item is a quest reward from the following quests:

Introduction to the Darkmoon Faire

Quests involving Leatherworking crafted items

Quests involving Blacksmithing crafted items

Quests involving Engineering crafted items

Quests involving loot dropped from creatures

Quests available once the reputation limit is reached

See Darkmoon Faire Reputation for more information on the turn-in reputation limit.

As a quest objective

This item is an objective for the following quests:

(See Darkmoon Faire Prize review)

The Darkmoon Faire Ticket is a quest item; it is not currency, does not appear on your Currency tab, and cannot be used at any of the Faire vendors. It can only be turned in to Gelvas Grimegate for the above quests. Like all level-dependent quests, these will not appear until you reach the required level. For example, the Minor Darkmoon Prize becomes available at level 15, so a level-14 character will only see the quests for the Darkmoon Flower and the Darkmoon Storage Box. Also, as with other quests, in order to earn or redeem tickets, you will have to have an open slot in your quest log.

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