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Main leader IconSmall NagaLord.gif Warlord Wrathspine[1]
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
Character classes Warrior, Assassin, Myrmidon, Priest, Scout, Siren
Base of operations Nazj'vel
Theater of operations Darkshore
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire, Twilight's Hammer[2]

The Darkscale are a group of naga found at the Ruins of Lornesta and Nazj'vel in Darkshore.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, Darkscale naga also appeared in the Tomb of Sargeras with Harjatan.

During the Battle for Darkshore, the Darkscale took advantage of the turmoil to invade the Twilight Shore,[3] loot Ameth'Aran, and take Gilnean and Forsaken soldiers prisoner.[4] They continue to control the Ruins of Lornesta when the Horde is in control of Darkshore, but when the Alliance controls the region, they replace the naga in the ruins.




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Lady Darkscale and her naga that attacked Kul Tirasian forces in Dustwallow Marsh after the Third War could be members of the group.