Not to be confused with Darkspear Bat Rider (Broken Shore).
HordeDarkspear Bat Rider
Image of Darkspear Bat Rider
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 90
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkspear tribe, Darkspear Rebellion
Occupation Bat rider
Location Sen'jin Village & Razor Hill, Durotar
Status Alive
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The subject of this article or section is part of Battlefield: Barrens, a world event that preceded the Siege of Orgrimmar during patch 5.3.0.

Darkspear Bat Riders were jungle trolls riding Darkspear Bats found guarding Sen'jin Village in Durotar. After the Darkspears took Razor Hill they were found there as well.

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