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Darkwall Tower

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Darkwall Tower.

Darkwall Tower is the former residence of Prince Renathal,[1] currently overtaken by Darkwall Betrayers. It connects directly with Castle Nathria through the Bridge of Paramountcy. Its northern elevator connects with the Court of the Harvesters, and its eastern elevator connects with the Chalice District.

A venthyr historian once also lived here who wrote from the venthyr perspective as she accompanied the Primus on various battles,[2] having written texts on how once Maldraxxus "helped" Revendreth but did more harm than good, worse than the invaders, due to their scorched earth tactics,[3] as well as a compilation of history of Margrave Gharmal's war crimes, the possible origin of the aranakk, and speculation on how souls that should go to Revendreth are often sent to Maldraxxus to defend the Shadowlands.[4]

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