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Role Technical Support

datth (real name Dat Ho) was a Blizzard Technical Support employee and Blizzard Poster on the official WoW Technical Support forum. He joined Blizzard sometime before August 16, 2006, as that is the earliest date of a post found by him.[1]

He worked out of the Austin, Texas office.[2]

SHIFT: Tues-Sat

Datth's well-known for testing user issues on co-workers' computers,[3] or on his personal gaming machine.[4]

He once got in trouble[5] with his manager at the time for posting a giant facepalm[6] on September 2, 2008 when a poster asked how to run a private server in the Technical Support forum.

His last day posting as a Blue poster was April 30th, 2011.[5] He has since moved on to work in Blizzard's IT department.[7]


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