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For the Arathi Basin mob, see Davin "Ashes" Ashton.
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Theramore Guard
Occupation Commandant of Northwatch (former), Major
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Major Davin was the commandant of Northwatch Hold for three years by the time of the events of Cycle of Hatred.


Davin was still a boy when he was taken by military recruiters, attracted as they were by his aptitude for violence. But the truth was that Davin never wanted to be a soldier and was actually a tremendous coward. He was physically strong and managed to fake it through training, considering he was never in real danger, but was hopeless as he engaged in real combat. What saved his career was being part of a particularly talented platoon, from whom he could bask in the reflected talent and glory. One day, he and his men faced off against renegade dwarves who had come to his village to try to escape dwarven justice after a failed attempt to overthrow the existing government.

Toward the end of the Third War, Davin and his men were sent with a mage to investigate a demonic stronghold. Due to his cowardice, Davin's entire expedition died while he hid himself to survive. He returned to his people and as the lone survivor got a promotion, being hailed as a hero for surviving the deadly onslaught and coming back to report what had happened. After the events of the invasion of Durotar and Daelin's death, Davin was left in charge of Northwatch, a duty he had originally welcomed for being peaceful and uneventful.[1]

Lorena visited his fortress in order to find out why an Alliance ship did not help an orcish ship that had been attacked by pirates. Later on, he learned from Rych, that Captain Joq was arrested because of an argument with an orc in Ratchet. He sent word to Theramore Isle to ask for more reinforcements, a move that would be seen by the Horde as an act of aggression. Later on, both human and orcish armies arrived near Northwatch. Davin and his army battled against orcs and trolls. During the battle, he saw a zeppelin arrive to the battlefront. Thrall came out from the zeppelin and ended the battle by revealing that Burx had allied himself with a demon named Zmodlor. Davin was near the two orcs and Burx in his last act, charged at Davin. As Burx was about to kill Davin, Thrall charged at Burx and denounced him by ending his life. Thrall apologized to Davin for what has happened and both human and orcish armies retreated.[2] Shortly after that, Davin handed his letter of resignation from the military.[3]



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