The Dawning Span.

Concept art that resembles the Dawning Span.

The Dawning Span is a bridge that connects the Temple of Five Dawns to the Ridge of Laughing Winds on the Wandering Isle. At the center of the bridge is a stairway that leads down to a little tea house, where Lorewalkers give history lessons to young pandaren.

When the player first crosses the Dawning Span as a new pandaren character, Zhao-Ren can be seen flying by.


The Song of Liu Lang

Lorewalker Zan says: Hello <name>! The Lorewalker is beginning her lesson just down these stairs if you want to listen in.
Lorewalker Ruolin begins his song.
Lorewalker Amai says: This is the Song of Liu Lang, the first pandaren explorer.
Hao says: Why can't I understand any of the words?
Lorewalker Amai says: The song is written in the old tongue, the language of emperors and scholars. Hardly anyone speaks it anymore.
Nan says: What is the song about?
Lorewalker Amai says: It is all about his adventures.
Lorewalker Amai says: Brave Liu Lang set out to explore the world on the back of a sea turtle.
Lorewalker Amai says: Does anyone remember the turtle's name? Yin?
Yin says: Shen-zin Su!
Lorewalker Amai says: That's right, the turtle was called Shen-zin Su. At first, he was only big enough for Liu Lang to sit on.
Lorewalker Amai says: He grew and grew and grew, SO big, that now some people call him "The Wandering Isle."
Lorewalker Amai says: Question, Hao?
Hao says: We live on the back of a big turtle?!
Lorewalker Amai says: Yes, Hao - our home is on Shen-zin Su's back.
Nan says: Sheesh, Hao. Haven't you ever paid attention?
Hao says: I just thought it was weird that the mountains had flippers.
Lorewalker Amai says: Liu Lang discovered many things as he explored the world - oh - yes, Hao?
Hao says: Does the turtle know we're here?
Lorewalker Amai says: That's a good question. Nobody has spoken to Shen-zin Su for many generations. He only ever spoke to Liu Lang.
Lorewalker Amai says: But I am certain that Shen-zin Su knows we are here. And he cares for every one of us!
Nan says: Even Hao?
Hao says: Hey!
Lorewalker Amai says: Especially Hao! Liu Lang once said, "Noble is he who always asks questions."
Lorewalker Amai says: "We should all be like children, for the world is our elder, and has many things to teach us."
Hao says: Yeah, you should all be more like me.
Nan says: Blerch! I'd rather jump off this bridge.
Lorewalker Amai says: Students! Students! Pay attention now.
Lorewalker Amai says: Does anyone know how often Liu Lang went back to Pandaria.
Yin says: ...Whenever he got hungry?
Lorewalker Amai says: Haha, no Yin. Liu Lang would eat wherever he explored.
Lorewalker Amai says: He returned to the main continent of Pandaria once every five years.
Yin says: But isn't Pandaria hidden somewhere? Nobody can find it!
Lorewalker Amai says: You are right, Yin. It IS hidden away, behind a cloak of mists.
Lorewalker Amai says: Does anyone remember how Liu Lang was always able to find it? Nan?
Nan says: Because sea turtles always return to the beach where they were born!
Lorewalker Amai says: That's right! Liu Lang always had a way back home. Every five years, he would return, to pick up more explorers.
Hao says: Does that mean our moms and dads and grandparents were all explorers, too?
Lorewalker Amai says: Yes Hao! Only the BRAVEST pandaren joined Liu Lang on his turtle to explore the world.
Yin says: But we don't explore very much anymore, do we?
Lorewalker Amai says: Shen-zin Su hasn't made landfall for a long time. But that hasn't stopped some pandaren from exploring, anyway.
Nan says: Like Chen and Li Li Stormstout!
Lorewalker Amai says: Yes, like Chen and Li Li! They're out, exploring the world. Maybe someday you will, too.
Hao says: I want to explore the world!
Nan says: No you don't. It's full of trolls.
Hao says: Oh. Well, forget it then.
Yin says: Lorewalker! What ever happened to Liu Lang?
Lorewalker Amai says: I'm glad you asked, Yin. Liu Lang explored the world his entire life, and raised many children here on the Wandering Isle.
Lorewalker Amai says: Eventually he grew very old, and visited Pandaria one final time.
Lorewalker Amai says: But nobody else wanted to go exploring with him. So he left.
Lorewalker Amai says: Shen-zin Su has never returned to Pandaria.
Lorewalker Amai says: Tired now, Liu Lang said goodbye to Shen-zin Su, his oldest friend.
Lorewalker Amai says: Then, Liu Lang went up to the Wood of Staves, carrying with him a bamboo umbrella that he always took on his adventures.
Lorewalker Amai says: He opened his umbrella, planted it in the ground, and sat underneath its cool shade.
Lorewalker Amai says: He closed his eyes, and became one with the land. And then - do you know what happened?
Hao says: What?
Nan says: What? What?
Lorewalker Amai says: His umbrella... sprouted! It grew roots, flowered, and became a tree!
Hao says: That's un-possible!
Lorewalker Amai says: Well, it's true. If you ever go to the Wood of Staves, you can see it.
Lorewalker Amai says: Along with the budding staves of all the elders who came before us, growing now into giant trees.
Yin says: That's a sad story!
Lorewalker Amai says: It's not a sad story! Liu Lang himself said, "Never mourn a life well-lived."
Lorewalker Amai says: And I think he lived a very very good life. We owe everything we have to Liu Lang, the first pandaren explorer.
Lorewalker Amai says: We tell his story, so that he will always be remembered.
Lorewalker Ruolin completes his song.
Lorewalker Amai says: Thank you, Ruolin! That was beautiful.
Lorewalker Amai says: Could you sing it once more, for the students who just arrived?


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