Dawnkeep is a ruined keep in the western area of the Ember Ward in Revendreth and is part of Sinfall.[1] It is only accessible from a path along the westernmost edge of the zone between it and the Scorched Crypt, or from a path connecting to the Sanctuary of the Mad. There is also an entry point to Sinfall at the eastern end of the bridge but it is currently blocked by a gate. The bridge seems to separate the southern part of the Ember Ward from the northern one.

The naaru Z'rali upon being rescued from the Sanguine Depths is kept at the tower here,[2] accessible through a guarded transportation mirror that connects from the upper level of Sinfall behind the Spire of the Unseen Guests.

After clearing Castle Nathria, Denathrius was kept imprisoned here, tormented by Z'rali's Light.[3]

However, the nathrezim in Revendreth revealed their presence and successfully rescued Denathrius from the tower.[4]


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